When I decided to become a freelance writer, more than a decade ago now,  I realised very quickly that I would have to practice; building my confidence and finding my own ‘voice’ was vital and there are few writers that can sit down and write something fit for publication without many re-writes.

I called my blog ‘No wriggling out of writing’  as an acknowledgement of all the times in years past when I had sat down to work creatively and then found every reason in the world to put the kettle on, sit down with a cup of tea and write the shopping list instead. This time round things were going to be different. And they have been. More than 150 posts later I am still thinking of new (quite random) topics on which to write and new ways to provoke thought, express frustration or share my view of the world.

I built up quite a readership, have met some fantastic people and have contacts out there in the ‘blogosphere’ who will support my work whenever I close my eyes and dive, trembling, into the world of publication. Now some of those posts are available here and from now on new writing will be shared here first. After three published books, I have at last come to believe I am a real ‘writer’. 

John Keats

Here you’ll find all my John Keats-related posts, with thoughts on the man, the writer, the poet, the thinker, the dreamer and offering links to other wonderful writing on Keats and the Romantics.

Mental Health

I will gradually add many of my original mental health posts here, updating where possible and adding new pieces I have written and those by others willing to share their experiences.

Poetry and Literature

Think you don’t like poetry? I believe there is a poet for everyone and offer posts written on favourite poems – classic and contemporary – to inspire you to look at poetry in a new way. Here you will also find my book reviews.


Sometimes we just have to get things down on (virtual) paper or share our thoughts on subjects important to us. Be prepared for random (or ‘wide-ranging’ or ‘eclectic’ if you prefer…)